Tickets will be issued to any vehicles parked in a handicap-designated parking area without the proper handicap license plate or placard issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  The fine for parking in a handicap-designated area in the Town of Danvers is $300.00.


Tickets will be issued to any vehicles, except emergency vehicles, parked in or blocking a fire lane.  The fine for this violation in the Town of Danvers is $15.00.


The Overnight Winter Parking Ban prohibits parking on public ways for more than one hour between 1 A.M. and 6 A.M. from December 1st until April 1st only when--in anticipation of snow--a Town-wide call is made on our Community Notification System [Connect CTY]. Vehicles that remain on the road during a ban on overnight parking may be ticketed and/or towed. A second call will be made when the prohibition is lifted.
The intent of the regulations is to reduce the need for homeowners with limited parking to find off-street parking all winter even when there is no snow on the roads and no need to plow.  Each year, the program will continue until April 1 and the impact evaluated.
Land lines of all residents and businesses are automatically included in our community notification system. In addition, media outlets [DCAT (cable TV), Danvers DPW Facebook and Twitter pages] are notified. Any resident who wishes to add an Email address or a mobile phone number may do so as follows:
  1. From the Town’s website at www.danvers.govoffice.com;

  2. Click on the “Connect CTY” icon on the right hand bottom section of our website;

  3. Follow the prompts to “Modify Contact Information.”

Notice of an Overnight Winter Parking Ban can be sent by phone to land lines or mobile phones, by Email or by text.


There are 5 public parking lots located in the downtown area, each with posted 2-hour time limits.  There is also a public parking lot diagonally across the street from the front entrance to Town Hall at the end of Elm Street at the 5-way intersection which provides for unlimited, all day parking.

Please be aware that parking on almost all of the streets in the downtown area is restricted to 1 hour. 

The fine for overtime parking in the Town of Danvers is $15.00.



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