Building Division


1 Building Supervisor, 2 senior foremen, 1 foreman, 1 working foreman, 1 head custodian, 1 senior custodian/maintenance foreman, 1 electrician, 3 building mechanics, 1 roving custodian, 8 senior custodians, 4 custodians, and 1 craftsman. 


  • Maintain and provide a safe and clean environment to 24 occupied Town-owned buildings and numerous outlying unoccupied structures.

  • Implement computer inventory of custodial supplies, building maintenance, and employee records.

  • Supply a preventative maintenance program for the major components of all buildings maintained by this Division.

  • Assist all other Division or Departments.

  • Remove snow from stairs, handicap ramps, walkways, and parking lots, from all schools, Town Hall, Library, and the Senior Center.

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